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The Incredible Destruction Power of Mold Damage in Pensacola

Pensacola already has a high humidity table, but when small amounts of moisture has been collecting for years behind the drywall, something has to be done. SERV... READ MORE

Storm damage lasts much longer then the storm itself.

When a storm ravages your home and cases extensive damage it can be an overwhelming process to think about where to start with the restoration and repair projec... READ MORE

Like a brand new home

When a pipe breaks in the ceiling the water runs through the light fixtures and into the living room it can feel overwhelming and you may not know where to star... READ MORE

Water damage, more then just a drip

Water damage can be a lot more extensive then you think, even just a "small" leak or drip can cause extensive damage. When caught quickly wet materials like she... READ MORE

Soot and smoke cleanup

When a home fire occurs not only is it a scary experience but it is also a slow cleaning and restoration process. Even if a fire seems to be small and only happ... READ MORE

Storm damage can linger

Storms can come in and make land with little notice some time and other time we have lots of time to prepare. But the damage that storms leave behind lasts much... READ MORE

Repair and restore

When a property falls into disrepair from lack of use and neglect it can be hard to know where to start to repair and restore the space. That is where SERVPRO o... READ MORE

Duplex near miss with a bad appliance

A property manager who has worked with SERVPRO of North Pensacola in the past recently called because a duplex that they manage had a small fire occur. The furn... READ MORE

Restaurant before and after

A local North Pensacola restaurant experienced a small fire and first went with a local competitor to help them clean up. After services started to go sideways... READ MORE

When the rain pours in your home, we are here.

When the rain pours so hard that it starts to rain in your home you know you are in trouble. That is what was happening when we got a call from a distressed Cot... READ MORE